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Looping IN europe

Hello Looptatsic Sages,
I am 18 and I have decided to sell abunch of stuuf and go to europe for as 
long as I can afford and kick it loopin  improv style when ever and 
I can. I would like some input on taking gear on the road, european 
loop/music experiences, places to play/pan handel, free street coner shows 
borrowed cafe extension cord style, power supplies for euro, or any other 
tools, tips, or ideas you could give me.
One of the major themes of this trip is to make  it a complete exercise in 
improvisation. I only speak english and spanish so that will make being in 
countries that dont speak those languages intersting. I think I want to 
into paris unless there is a reason not to. About all travel preparation 
that I will have is 500$ and a lets go book.
Here is the gear I am takin\
(18) space shock mounted rack
(2) edps (prolly in stereo or with onefoot foot controller connnected to 
both with an a/b switch? Also may add ev-5's)
(1) electrix filter factory with to cv pedals
  (1) lexicon vortex with foot switches and expession pedal
  (1) fostex 2016 line mixer( with 4 aux sends)
(1) Dl4 (mabey with expression pedal mabey not)
(1) Wh-1 whammy pedal Original(perhaps)
(1) Eh Micro synth
  (1) Modded wha
(1) Boss dist feedbacker
  I feel like I will want all the pedals mounted on a board  that will fit 
in and out of a rack drawer, or mabey have all the fx pedals attached to a 
rack drawer that they live in  and have the expression pedals on a borad 
that cam be removed a nd plced on the ground in a nother rack drawer?
   For guitar I have an early g&l pawn shop geetar that I  would not be 
heart broken if she dont survive the trip. ANy way She's got an A bass 
geetar a string on top, and will be protected only buy my wits and a 
gig bag
   I  was thinking about having a totally stereo path after all my mono fx 
and star at the stereo out of the dl4. Somthing like  Dl4----->Mixer 
get 2 2016's so I can have but all my stereo fx in the aux sends and do 
feedback as well as being able to put my stereo fx in any order) Edp s in 
one aux,vortex in one aux , and filter fact in one aux, and then send the 
whole she-bang out to 2 gibson  Skylarks( they live in the unused space at 
the bottom of my rack)
   I know this rig seems a little complicated  but the reduced rig was  
microsynht--->whmmy---> dl4 1 skylark but then I have to carry them all 
individually instead on one big shock mounted box on casters.
I feel like the best plan is to put my bbb(big bad box) in an airport 
  and scope the scene out  then comeback and get it? no?
Beside the BBB I am just going to have a book bag type back-pack  with 2-3 
changes of clothes  and 2 econo chef boyardee ravioli cans in case the 
gets tuff(they might also be in rack)
Are x-rays bad for edps?
Thanks in advance for your help,

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