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Re: Looping IN europe

18u of rack is not going to be very portable - can't you just take an edp
and a portable combo ?
What happens for instance if you get moved on by less than friendly police 
Nice idea though - good luck.


> Here is the gear I am takin\
> (18) space shock mounted rack
> (2) edps (prolly in stereo or with onefoot foot controller connnected to
> both with an a/b switch? Also may add ev-5's)
> (1) electrix filter factory with to cv pedals
>   (1) lexicon vortex with foot switches and expession pedal
>   (1) fostex 2016 line mixer( with 4 aux sends)
> (1) Dl4 (mabey with expression pedal mabey not)
> (1) Wh-1 whammy pedal Original(perhaps)
> (1) Eh Micro synth
>   (1) Modded wha
> (1) Boss dist feedbacker
>   I feel like I will want all the pedals mounted on a board  that will 
> in and out of a rack drawer, or mabey have all the fx pedals attached to 
> rack drawer that they live in  and have the expression pedals on a borad
> that cam be removed a nd plced on the ground in a nother rack drawer?
>    For guitar I have an early g&l pawn shop geetar that I  would not be
> heart broken if she dont survive the trip. ANy way She's got an A bass
> geetar a string on top, and will be protected only buy my wits and a
> gig bag
>    I  was thinking about having a totally stereo path after all my mono 
> and star at the stereo out of the dl4. Somthing like  Dl4----->Mixer
> get 2 2016's so I can have but all my stereo fx in the aux sends and do
> feedback as well as being able to put my stereo fx in any order) Edp s in
> one aux,vortex in one aux , and filter fact in one aux, and then send the
> whole she-bang out to 2 gibson  Skylarks( they live in the unused space 
> the bottom of my rack)
>    I know this rig seems a little complicated  but the reduced rig was
> microsynht--->whmmy---> dl4 1 skylark but then I have to carry them all
> individually instead on one big shock mounted box on casters.
> I feel like the best plan is to put my bbb(big bad box) in an airport
>   and scope the scene out  then comeback and get it? no?
> Beside the BBB I am just going to have a book bag type back-pack  with 
> changes of clothes  and 2 econo chef boyardee ravioli cans in case the
> gets tuff(they might also be in rack)
> Are x-rays bad for edps?
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Jeremiah
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