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Updates to my MP3.com page

Hi there folks,

The last time I wrote and mentioned this topic to any of you I was just 
testing to see if the one MP3 I had up on MP3.com really worked or not. A 
buddy of mine put it up for me (and I was thrilled, thank you Jeff 
But I didn't know for myself how well it worked (or not) because my own 
computer was so slow I couldn't stream or download any of it myself. I 
log on and see my silly picture (oh boy) but I couldn't actually hear a 
thing. However, it did seem to work pretty well for a good many of you and 
thank you for your kind replies in letting me know even if you thought the 
music rather strange.

Now armed with a faster computer and relatively high-speed access to the 
I have assumed control of my MP3.com page myself and have put up even more 
sonic nonsense to embarrass my friends and family with. There are now a 
of 11 tracks (nearly an hou's worht of music) up there at: 
Most of this stuff will still be unlistenable to some of you for technical 
reasons (some pieces are kinda longish and would take a long time to 
download). But online "streaming" is available if you have RealPlayer at 
high- and low-res levels. Others of you will still find this stuff 
unlistenable for other reasons... aesthetic ones no doubt. Sorry, I can't 
help that. But you might give it a try anyway and let me know what you 
I'm not terribly thin skinned and would appreciate the constructive 

As a sort of "listening guide" I thought some of you might appreciate 
me categorize these pieces into levels of listening difficulty (to borrow 
term from Laurie Anderson) to aid in choosing what to bother listening to.

Easy listening: none available at this time (but you never know)

Mildly strange: Hubble*; Laugh Cry; Nocturne; Prayer; Reverse Logic

Pretty Strange: Relentless; Flux Eterna; God's Sock Puppet; Still Waiting

Very Strange Indeed: Bird Headed Dwarf; Float

* This was the "untitled" track that Jeff originally put up for me.

Well, have fun folks. Again, let me know if these work and what you think 
them (even a good "rant" could contain useful feedback). It may be nearly 
2001 and I may not be showing any signs of "growing up" any time soon 

Have a happy new year anyway!

Ted Killian