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Re: Updates to my MP3.com page

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Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2000 11:34 AM
Subject: Updates to my MP3.com page

> Hi there folks,
> The last time I wrote and mentioned this topic to any of you I was just
> testing to see if the one MP3 I had up on MP3.com really worked or not. A
> buddy of mine put it up for me (and I was thrilled, thank you Jeff
> But I didn't know for myself how well it worked (or not) because my own
> computer was so slow I couldn't stream or download any of it myself. I
> log on and see my silly picture (oh boy) but I couldn't actually hear a
> thing. However, it did seem to work pretty well for a good many of you 
> thank you for your kind replies in letting me know even if you thought 
> music rather strange.

Hi there, Killian!

By some strange turn of fate, I received your e-mail even without being
included in your list of "To:" recipients. Nevertheless, I would like to 
you a question: does your sound-generation arsenal include an Eventide
device of any kind? Are you willing to share with me any info on your gear
used in your music? I am in the process of building my bedroom studio and I
would welcome any advice/opinion on any piece of sound gear.Of course, I
wouldn't mind to tell you about what I've got so far... :-)