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Re: Newly enrolled looper bids greetings to all;

At 3:05 AM -0800 1/6/01, Omadawn@aol.com wrote:
>Now that I am recently looper-less, I took the leap and just received
>shipment on an Oberheim Digital Echoplex three days ago- I bought it on
>Digibid for $380 with a beige color coordinated footpedal with 7 red 
>4 megs memory and the latest software update. So far it seems to work 
>but the low price has me a bit nervous still.

you got an amazing deal.

>Then I read Kim's post of Gibson shipping improved units to the states 
>How do these new units compare to the older machines? Has anyone tried one

As Bret noted, they are pretty much the same. However, there are a few
minor new hardware improvements that Bret doesn't know about.

One change added a limiter circuit to the input audio path to the loop, so
it is not possible to clip the loop input anymore like on the older units.
(one person even claimed they prefered the way it sounded when the limiter
was engaging, but YMMV on that....)

Another change fixed what is usually called "Andre's Noise" in honor of the
fact that Andre first noticed it. That was a slight grainy sound you could
sometimes hear if you listened very closely when a loop was in mute. (the
feedback LED control signal crosstalked into the audio...)  That was fixed
with a couple of caps.

Another fix was for the brothersync circuit, making it work a lot better
when multiple units are connected together but not all of them are turned
on. It used to be that turning a unit off in the Brother chain would screw
up the others, but some circuitry was added to prevent that. (so long as
one of the new units is the one that gets turned off....)

None of these really make much difference for regular use of the Echoplex.
Just a few leftover hardware issues that we finally had a chance to fix.
The actual operation of it is the same whether it is an old one or a new


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