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Re: Newly enrolled looper bids greetings to all;

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Kim Flint wrote:

> Another change fixed what is usually called "Andre's Noise" in honor of 
> fact that Andre first noticed it. That was a slight grainy sound you 
> sometimes hear if you listened very closely when a loop was in mute. (the
> feedback LED control signal crosstalked into the audio...)  That was 
> with a couple of caps.

Is this noise fairly common and/or exaggerated on some older units? My EDP
(I bought it in '95) has a digital sounding "grainy" noise present in the
recorded loop and when the loop is in mute. I have worked around the issue
with creative I/O adjustments, but I don't get the level of output that I
would like. Is there a schematic available for the fix or is there
somebody who I can trust to do the fix?

Thanks for the help!

travis salisbury