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Re: bad boy/correction

Title: bad boy/correction
I recently purchased a little SMokey amp ($25 plus tax!!!!!).............it rocks!!!!   Also, unbeknownst to some people, it has a speaker out jack  that, when patched into a speaker enclosure (I tried a marshall stack) at the store puts out a shocking amount of volume (incredible for a 'toy' amp).
My only beef is that it only distorts the sound and you cannot control it.
It would be hip if they put out a clean 'Smoke'..
I'm trying to put an entirely battery driven looping rig together (Line 6, battery operated mixer, smokey amp or
pig nose, battery powered mic) so that I can go out and do guerilla looping gigs on the mall.
Anyone know of a good battery powered, small mixer?
How about an inexpensive battery powered mic that is decent?
Yours, in Looping,    Rick Walker (aka, Loop.pooL)
PS  On Tuesday , January 23rd the Rio Theater and myself are hosting
in Santa Cruz, California    featuring     Steve Lawson (England),  Max Valentino (Tehachip, California),
Trey Donavan (Santa Cruz, California) and moi (a reall stretch, considering that I am a professional drummer/percussion/producer but I've got a couple of very cool things cooked up. I will send out an official
press release when I have it completed in a few days.
If you've got any interesting  BASS ONLY looping recordings (in CD format only, sorry), mail them to me post haste
and I will introduce them and play them for the festival goers between acts..
RICK WALKER (or Loop.pooL)
412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California