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Re: Battery Powered suggestions

Have you busked before using loops?
How's it gone down with the punters?
Anyone else with busking anecdotes?
Unfortunately, our local police department are on the warpath about amplified music on the mall, so I am trying to get a setup going where I can drape a piece of cloth over my footpedals and literally, sit on top of the battery powered amplifier (with a cloth covering it) and appear to have no amplification at all.  I'm even considering using a lavalier microphone so that nohing is visible to the nake eye but the found objects that I will be playing.
I then plan to keep the actual volume down to a basic busking acoustic level and present
abstract looping electronica to the unsuspecting masses.    My CDs are selling really well locally and I know that people would probably get a kick out such an unusual street performer.
Thanks for your response, though.     yours,   Rick Walker (Loop.pooL)