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Re: "Perspective/Perception Is Everything"

> I didn't say I didn't have respect for it either, my point being that 
>musical training or artistic training isn't as creative as say somebody 
>who creates completely from what they hear instead of the logical 
>"trained" process. It's just something I've been contemplating lately, 
>like Yoda said "You must unlearn what you have learned"...I do want to 
>make it clear that any form of music is great, trained or untrained, but 
>on a personal level, I want to appoach the musical creation process in a 
>fresh and almost naive way. travis salisbury  

Hi Travis... 

I find I'm probably pretty much like you in many respects regarding 
wanting to have a naive and fresh approach. 

What I've found interesting though is that a school environment would have 
provided at least facilities and equipment with which to pursure some of 
my musings. Add TIME to that as well and you've got a MAJOR opportunity. 
Networking with others motivated enough to dedicate themselves to focusing 
on music is an incredible springboard for ongoing relationships in the 
music community at large. 

I believe my sensibilities wouldn't have become too prejudiced in that 
environment. Knowing that people like William Winant, Fred Frith, and Leo 
Wadada Smith are all professors in major schools; you've got mentors 
available who are at the cutting edge of creativity AND invite fresh, new 

Now that I'm an engineer / father / husband / home owner in my late 40's I 
find it nearly impossible finding the time and energy to build a creative 
endeavor at the level it needs to find it's way into the world (although 
I'm confident that I'll slowly continue to build my body of work and 
document it as well as perform). Ah to be young again!