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RE: "Perspective/Perception Is Everything"

On Thursday, January 18, 2001 10:40 AM, Stephen P. Goodman 
[SMTP:spgoodman@earthlight.net] wrote:
> > > Well, I'm sorry you find the idea of formal musical education absurd 
> > > offensive.  I hope you can someday find it in yourself to grant other
> > > people the indulgence of pursuing the creative path that most suits
> > > their own personal beliefs and goals.
> >
> > But is it? Ask yourself if learning how to create from a textbook and
> > "professionals" is really all that creative?
> >

How you learn doesn't matter; you're doing it right now, on this list.

If someone was to go through all the Looper's archives, edit the best 
and publish it in textbook from, with annotations, insightful comment, and 
excercises for the reader, would you use it? I think so.

However, most formal education comes in a form, from a source and at a 
that are highly inappropriate for learning and development. The books are, 
for the most part, depressingly dry, my experience of school teachers has 
lead me to believe they are on the whole, rather dull, disfunctional 
outright malicous, and adolescence and ones early twenties are a time of 
life much more apropriate for sex than studying.

In order to be creative, one needs to learn and practice. Having teachers, 
and books on the subject, if either are any good, will make this easier, 
not harder. You just haven't found the right books, or teachers.