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>Maybe...maybe ....next Winter NAMM we might check if Damon & co. have the
>crappy thing up and running! In the meantime, Damon, tell us how can we
>trust your words anymore!?!?............Italo

Oh, calm down.  
I'm sure Damon told us as much as he could given what he knew and/or what 
could publicly comment on.  Maybe (probably) Electrix knew the release date
was going to slip again--this happens.  Why didn't they immediately tell us
and all their competitors?  Because that's the reality of business.  It's
almost always better to put off releasing bad news until absolutely
necessary.  Maybe other manufacturers put off or cancelled their plans for 
looper because they thought Electrix was going to fill the available market
space along with the EDP.  That would be good for Electrix (and for the
EDP).  The MI business is a tough one.

In the meantime, if you have to have a full-featured hardware looping
solution, buy an EDP, if you can find one.  It's that simple.  The world of
the looping musician is an expensive one.