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mistakes, lies and Repeater


though it is barely possible lies were told, it seem much more plausible to
me that "mistakes were made".  how many of you have made overly optimistic
estimates of how little time a major, new project would take?  but really,
*we don't know*.  in that case, wouldn't it make more sense to *ask* Damon
what's up before calling him a liar?

for the present, & if the reports are true, Electrix has a warehouse full
of paid for boxes they *can't ship*.  don't you think they are making every
effort to remedy this situation?

i propose we ask Damon (after giving him a bit of a rest from NAMM) how we
can make donations to a Repeater Developers Late Night Jolt and Pizza Fund.
 they can probably use all the support they can get right now.  (i'll send
some Peet's coffee!)

dan "we're all doing the best we can" mcmullen

dan mcmullen, ca, usa                      don't worry - pay attention
mailto:dog@well.com                                       707-485-0220
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