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Pod VS Johnson

A while ago I wrote to the list and asked about the Pod and the Johnson.  I
decided that I'd go for a total amp upgrade, and get a Line6 Flextone II 

After a week of tweeking, I was unhappy.  While I got some good , though 
bassy, guitar sound, I use a Roland GR-30 Guitar Synth and I need 
something that
can produce a full range.  I ended up totally ditching the guitar amp, and
running the guitar/synth into a Digitech 2112 tube preamp and effects 
(much of
what's probably inside the Johnson Millinium amps, I would suspect.) and
directly through my JamMan and into a pair of Peavey KB60 keyboard amps.

It was like turning on a light in a dim room!  The guitar alone sounded 
better, and the synth sounds, well it was no contest.

I returned the amp to Haight St Music (who were VERY nice about it, 
although I
had it for almost a month and had missplaced my receipt and was beyond the 
7 day
exchange policy) and exchanged it for a Roland MC-307 Groovebox.  Very nice
little drum&bass machine, pretty much a full function sequencer with on 
sounds.  Lot's of them.

My two cents.

Mark Sottilaro