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Re: Need a hand with EDP sample dump (Cakewalk users, please!)

There is a good midi monitoring program called MidiOx- it may help you- 


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Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: Need a hand with EDP sample dump (Cakewalk users, please!)

> >My midi dumps used to take a very very long time.
> >I would start a dump, go out for a pack of cigarettes,
> >have some coffee, take a nap, and hopefully the stream
> >of data did not cause a log jam in my midi interface
> >before the dump completed.
> :-(
> >I recall something about midi handshaking that was causing
> >things to take so long.  I also recall that some option
> >had been added in Loop V5 to disable the hand shaking
> >but it still may be required depending on your midi setup,
> >the midi software and such things.
> Yes: the EDP sends a package of sound data and then waits for a 
> confirmation or error message of the receiver and if it does not get 
> any, after a while it goes on anyway, but ends up becoming much 
> slower.
> So the return MIDI cable should speed up the process (or stop it, if 
> there is some transmission error). If not, the sequencer does not 
> send the confirmation for some reason....
> In your case, Elby, its seems it does not send the confirmation 
> because it does not receive anything at all.
> Did you try by pressing Dump at the EDP?
> Can you watch the data being transfered (MIDI monitor appl) ?
> Eric tested the soft with various Mac applications and stand allone 
> samplers but there was no PC (was not quite so common for sound 
> then...).
> Could it be that you are the first one to try that?
> Could anyone out there that uses Cakewalk please confirm that problem?
> Is there any material about the Cakewalk dump protocol, so we can 
> compare it with the others?
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