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double neck guitar and bass

Hey Loop-Addicts!

    I just ordered my very first Doubleneck Guitar and bass!!  It's an SG 
style 1976 Starfield with the Bass at the top.  I started out playing 
bass, then moved to guitar later, so this reflects my preferences as well 
as how high I generally hang each instrument . . . I can't wait, because 
instrument switching has been my one hang up with looping . . . It's cool 
to jump to keys after laying a guitar line (just letting the guitar hang 
there Springsteen style), but taking off a guitar and strapping on a bass 
has always been a distracting time waster . . . I had an upright bass set 
upright to jump onto, but those don't sound so good when going into a 
digital loop praser (they need a preamp of some kind before going in) and 
it's huge and impractical . . . Now, I can lay a bass line, then guitar, 
then keys, then lead, then scratch, when the bass starts to fade, do a 
funkier bass, then solo, then bang stuff, squeeze rubber duckies, or make 
armpit farts into the mike (try it!) . . . !
I am so totally psyched this is 

gonna be VERY cool . . . I've been fantasizing about having one for quite 
some time, but they're rare or custom made, so usually expensive (mine was 
just $445 on Ebay, thought :-)) . . . I do have one concern, however . . . 
with my shaved head, people might confuse me for Elliot Sharp (or, worse, 
an Elliot Sharp WANNABE)!!!!  No offense, Mr. "Downtown is more than just 
a zipcode" . . . 

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had a Guit-bass or something 
similar, what they prefer to have on top or bottom, what kinds they have, 
and the like!  Also, I thought you all should check this out:


I personally can't stand Steinbergers, but it's a pretty cheap (although 
sold out at the moment) Guit/Bass Doubleneck and the white one with the 
black trim doesn't look THAT bad (read: not quite so 80's dinner theatre 

Lastly, everyone interested in the possibilities inherent in random 
instrumentation should check out the Beck-flavored tour de force known as 
Self's new album


 -  The album is done entirely using Toy Instruments (Muppet Show Drums, 
Pianosaurus, Plastic Guitars, Sears Student Bass, Doll Voice Boxes, Speak 
and Spells, Micro Jammer Drum Machines, and so on)!!  You'd think it would 
sound lo fi, but with the aid of samplers, studio tricks, and a lot of 
love, the instrumentation is only Overtly noticeable when it is meant to 
be . . . If you didn't tell someone what it took to make it, most people 
wouldn't know, with the occasional Cindy Speaks samples and cheasy "drum 
fill" button solos aside.  Kind of makes you wish you hadn't speant $3600 
on your custom made Koa guitar with active electronics and midi pickups, 
doesn't it? . . . .