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Re: Sync (was Re: Any More Info on New BOSS Looping pedal)

>I totally agree.  I almost can't believe that a company like Roland would
>forget a very important feature like this one.  Also, NO FADE?  What the 
>are they thinking?

Digital fade is not that simple. Thats why the older digital delays 
have analog feedback which is not ideal for looping.

>If anyone from Roland is on this list: Do what ever it
>takes to add midi synch and a fade to your unit, and you'll open it up to 
>more customers.  (like me!)

I doubt they would come down to us :-)

The problem about MIDI is not so much the connector but that it calls 
a measure parameter and IN and OUT and a parameter to switch 

If you could have just one MIDI connector with clock:
Would you want IN or OUT?
What measure?

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