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Re: Line 6 DL4

Hi Dennis,

>1) How do you exit OVERDUB mode and still have the loop playing?  
>to the manual, if you press PLAY/STOP while in OVERDUB, you enter STOP 

Start the loop by pressing 'record', and start playing.  If you press 
'play' at the end of the loop, it goes into play mode.  If you hit 
'record' at the end of the loop, the loop begins playback but you're 
now in overdub mode.  You can pretty much toggle back and forth in 
and out of record mode by just hitting 'record'.  There's an LED 
light there telling you when you're overdubbing.

>2) Then how do you re-enter OVERDUB mode once you're out of it?

just by pushing 'record'

>3) If you're not recording, what happens when you press RECORD/OVERDUB?  
>manual says that if the DL4 is stopped, pressing RECORD starts a new
>recording; and if you're recording, pressing RECORD starts overdubbing.  
>what happens if you're in PLAY, PLAYONCE, or OVERDUB mode?

if nothing is playing, 'record' begins loop recording.  if you're 
currently playing (in any of the mentioned modes), it acts as the 
overdub button.

what would be wierd would be to do a fairly long loop, then set it to 
'play once', then try to overdub something quickly before the end of 
the loop, which will be hidden in there until you trigger the loop 
again...oh, then turn the mix down (via xpression pedal) and repeat 
the process...'play once' then overdub quickly...hahahaha...but you 
wouldn't be hearing the underlying loop, just adding new artifacts 
(maybe while the band is jamming along), then maybe repeat again a 
few more times?...then slowly fade the mix back in with your new 
creation?  or mess?  ...never tried that...:)

>4) It seems that the only way to start a new loop is to STOP the DL4, then
>press RECORD.  Is this correct?

yes, unless somebody's got a trick up their sleeve.

>Any help is appreciated.
>Dennis Leas

no problem!  i've been enjoying the DL4 as a tabletop delay and 
looper for my recordings.  Live, it was a bit frustrating at times, 
and the expression pedal only added to that.  Hell, they are showing 
up on alot of people's pedalboards though...nice unit.