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Re: Line 6 DL4

Now i'm rethinking this...maybe it won't work.  I'll have to try this 

Question is:  Does overdub work in play once mode, or does it just 
start a new loop?  hmmmm....fun idea i guess if it doesn't work.

oops...almost forgot...will it do it on the EDP?  or what about that 
*!@#!&! Repeater?  :)


>>3) If you're not recording, what happens when you press RECORD/OVERDUB?  
>>manual says that if the DL4 is stopped, pressing RECORD starts a new
>>recording; and if you're recording, pressing RECORD starts overdubbing.  
>>what happens if you're in PLAY, PLAYONCE, or OVERDUB mode?
>if nothing is playing, 'record' begins loop recording.  if you're 
>currently playing (in any of the mentioned modes), it acts as the 
>overdub button.
>what would be wierd would be to do a fairly long loop, then set it 
>to 'play once', then try to overdub something quickly before the end 
>of the loop, which will be hidden in there until you trigger the 
>loop again...oh, then turn the mix down (via xpression pedal) and 
>repeat the process...'play once' then overdub 
>quickly...hahahaha...but you wouldn't be hearing the underlying 
>loop, just adding new artifacts (maybe while the band is jamming 
>along), then maybe repeat again a few more times?...then slowly fade 
>the mix back in with your new creation?  or mess?  ...never tried