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Re: good intentions

Hi...just one litle thing to add to all of this "black&white&read all 
missive....I am extraordinarily color blind. There are many shades and 
colors which I do not, have not, and will not see.  But there are 
of shades and micro shades of gray that I do see.  The thing is, y'see, 
color itself does not really exist.  An object that to my perception is, 
let's say "grey #3" at 9:30 am in the morning sun will be perhaps grey#68 
even red or green by 10:30 that same morning. To me, black and white, red 
and green, blue and grey are perceptions of color and light which are 
dynamic and constantly changing. Color is a perception of the refraction 
light as interpreted by the visual cortex of our brain (ah..those 
rods 'n cones!). To me this perception is constantly in flux...constantly 
changing.  Much like improvised music it is never the same way once!
Think about it.....and loop crazy!
Max Valentino

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