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Re: good intentions (extremes and mixtures)

I like this analogy with colors.
Valentinos color blindness shows how perception fills the words with 

David says there are at least 3 colors (and the mixture of it).
This is a biology. There are 4 kinds of nerves in the eye, receptive 
for three frequency ranges (=colors) and one for brightness (=gray).
The brightness nerve is much more sensitive that the color ones, 
that's why in our perception all is gray in the dark.
For the physics, there is an infinite number of colors plus all 
mixtures of them, so 2 single points of light (L,R) are as rich as 
the whole music world we work in.

You don't not find anything in real world that is absolutely 
reflecting (white) or not reflecting at all (black), so I say only 
gray exists! (or color, with frequency sensitivity).

Robert says there is only black and white really. I am amazed, since 
I just learned from him that we should maintain the meanings that 
words "naturally" have.
Black and White are leading concepts, gray is real.
The yin-yang symbol fits...

                MOST IMPORTANT FOR ME :

- In DIGITAL domain, only the extremes exist. Zero/One, On/Off, 

- In NATURE only the mixtures exist. Nothing is exactly equal, 
perfect, dead,,,,

While in digital domain we fight to reconstruct "natural" mixtures by 
combining more and more Zero/One codes, but never escape from the 
finite resolution, we try to fit the infinitely rich mixtures of 
nature into countable units of our perception (by measuring, writing 
scores, controller values...), never accurate enough to capture the 
chaotic nature of nature.
So the two worlds are approaching, but continue clearly separated.

This is fundamental to me because it shows how far mankind managed to 
get away from nature and why the cyberworld is so different and 
important for evolution. It seems to be the culmination, if not the 
aim of all technical efforts and its not only the quickest growing 
part of evolution at the moment but may even end up destroying the 
The old idea that this tech world will end up serving Nature (or 
mankind as part of it) is too limited. It may as well serve for some 
much bigger goal in the universe. I am far from defending our 
destructive live style, but somehow I trust that the System would not 
let us spend in vain during a few decades what nature accumulated 
during millions of years...
Don't you agree there must be a plan behind this?

Our common efforts to adapt the concept of spiral and loop to the 
digital world to study it under the circumstances of perfection 
(infinitely repeating...) hopefully make part of the Plan.
As we are all kids in relation to the Plan, we can go on playing now :-)

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