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Re: 9 disks

> >     But, really, I think we're all pretty serious about music, and 
> doesn't seem to be any Winger fans amongst us, so that's good.
> I guess I'd be unsubcribe then.
> Remains from my teen years include a plethora or (for white lion fans) a
> "pride" of bad buttrock cd's - including not one, but two Winger cd's. 
> I can't stand this shite in my more mature mid-20's, I have a fondness 
> bad taste humour and therefore, can't part with such tragic possessions.
> The good thing about own these 2 cd's is that, when I'm feeling bad 
>about my
> own music, I can pop on one of those babies, and release I haven't hit 
> bottom yet.

White Lion???? God, I'd forgotten about them... 

...as soon as anyone mentions Skid Row I'm outta here... :o)