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Re: flexible amplification to loop el. guitars

Where can you get the AH Harness?


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From: "Tim Sanz" <tsanz@svg.com>
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Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: flexible amplification to loop el. guitars

> or... plug yer favorite old amp's speaker output into the Groove Tubes
> then to all yer favorite toys then to the console. I don't know how well
this baby works but I know you can get em.
> I use and love an Allan Holdsworth Harness which is similar to the GT 
> These allows you to use vintage tube amps direct through signal
processors/ loopers to capture your favorite tube amps tone
> in the beginning of your chain...... or.... anyone?
> -cheers
> TS
> http://www.groovetubes.com
> got to studio gear under SEII
> >>> manx172@hotmail.com 02/08 10:39 AM >>>
> >So:
> >I recommend to basically work flat and use colored guitar amps only
> >for certain sounds, maybe one or two layers in the loop. For the
> >others you will find nice new colors going directly from some effect
> >pedal to the PA and stuff.
> >And you end up liking sounds that dont remind master XY whom you
> >like, but whose CDs the others have at home, too!
> I play with a guy who also cherrishes the sound of a good old fashioned
> amp.(rightly so!) With our set-up, we tried to accomadate him, but 
> of space issues, he ended up drownding everyone else out, and he couldnt
> the looper/amp combo to sound right.
> We found a peice of gear called the "ampulator". It doesnt sound "just
> an amp" But its damn close for the purpose of using a looper with a
> in a live room. Nice rich tones, and less mess(noise,hiss)than using an
> Might be worth a shot!
> Pete.
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