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Re: dumb question

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From: Liebig, Steuart A. <Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com>
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:00 PM
Subject: dumb question
>hello more knowledgable list folk,
>can someone tell me if a boss ev-5 qualifies as a cv pedal?
yes it does qualify as a cv pedal, although not a very good one IMO as the
sweep needs to be set. Thus, not a full range.

if not, what >does?
lots of pedals, but it depends on what gear you're using it with. Further,
what some companies refer to as cv controls for either real time control of
voltage (my fave) and/or feedback (me likes plenty also) varies. Whereas
some makers built cv input controls around the 0 to +5  variable, that is
not consistent across various gear. And +5 volts can also be pushed
sometimes which may depend on how old memory is. That is the case for some
of my looping tools and can also be tuned with some gear.
among the various pedals that I have used as cv pedals:
EV-5, not my fave at all and is hardly ever used
Yamaha black stereo plug model, cannot recall model number-very smooth,
still not full cv control for all units, very nice for feedback control on
RFX 420P Stereo Volume Pan CV pedal, cv in and out, one of my sleeper 
Ernie Ball volume pedal mono version, very nice but again depends on gear
that you are using and with some makers of gear as I have found out works
well after another cv pedal when plugged into the amp plug, that's a
personal tip and trick. There are a lot of variations of this, many of 
I exploit daily.
Ensoniq CVP-1, still learning about this one and learning well
DOD FX-17, mmm, cannot say enough good things about this puppy, built like
tank, and more than likely the one cv pedal that you can use on just about
any piece of gear as the volume output can also be used to control cv, but
the range is shorther than when using the FX-17 as a cv pedal, can you set
both functions together? huhuhuh, I knew you'd be surprised (FZ)
In addition I have built and modded other pedals (broken gear is just
missaplied gear sometimes) and things (I guess I am protective about how I
do things) to control voltage in real time, somthing that is just not
happening much in music and let me tell you it's nice doing something
Tap me off or on list if you'd like to know about how I apply these pedals.
Also would like to know how you are utilzing cv control in your rig.

>your in ignorance,
blissful no?
Pedro Felix - NYC 2001