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Re: CV

anybody really think this is off topic?
i would like to hear about your use of cv.

i have a paia 8 channel midi to cv converter i am using
to control my moogerfoogers (analog delay and ring modulator)
from two control pedals connected to a rocktron allaccess.
i modded the moogerfooger pedals to work with the rocktron,
but i would prefer to use ernie balls.  the problem is that they don't 
have a linear taper model.  i have considered trying out some 
different pots, but the setup is pretty difficult...

i have found that midi continuous controllers don't have enough
resolution for some things (ex. oscillator frequency over more than an 

> Tap me off or on list if you'd like to know about how I apply these 
> Also would like to know how you are utilzing cv control in your rig.
> >thanks.
> >your in ignorance,
> blissful no?
> >stig
> Pedro Felix - NYC 2001