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Ideology in looping?

>>>I love this comment.  I really have no patience for ideology in music.  
so contrary to the reasons I got into music and creativity in the first
place -- namely, joy, connecting with the larger dreamself beyond my
rational mind, etc . . .<<<

But having 'no patience' is an ideological stand-point.. :o) You've
apparently chosen to dismiss on grounds of ideology the work, or at least
the methods of some other musicians, which puts you in a similar camp to
them, it would seem...

I suspect that you're going to clarify this - as I've said very similar
things before, only to realise that it wasn't read how I intended it to
sound. For the record, I try to not be affected by the various 'schools' of
improv/looping or whaever inasmuch as they impose limitations on what you
can do (the notion that there are boundaries to 'free' improvisation is
surely a misnomer, no?  though I suspect that the explaination would be 
adherence to strict western metric rhythmic forms and melodic structures 
not expressing freedom but rather pedaling the western musical hedgemonic
paradigm or something... :o)

It is then quite a struggle to enjoy the music of people with whom you have
ideological differences, especially when they are as strongly expressed as
some (whether it be the extreme sectors of the free community, or the
Burns/Marsalis brigade) - Having heard Derek Bailey wax lyrical on the
subject of improv, I felt like I was being picked on for playing tunes (iit
was on a TV show, so I very much doubt that he had me in mind, particularly
as it was recorded before I started playing solo!!! :o) It doesn't stop me
enjoying some of his music (though the only time I've ever seen him live 
perhaps the most godawful cacophany that I've ever had the misfortune to be
in the same room as - none of his usual expressive weirdness, just three
blokes twatting about with a laptop, turntables and a guitar... I thought 
was just me until the review in the Wire said the same thing, and
anecdotally I heard that Derek wasn't mad keen on the evening either... :o)

it makes it easier when I hear that he's a really really nice guy in 
I guess... :o) 

meeting people with a genuinely open approach to improv - be it
groovalicious melodicism or just good ole' fashioned weird shit - is really
liberating. The Vibist Orphy Robinson is one of the most open musicians 
ever spoken to/played with (though the playing was a theatre gig, so no 
for improv there...) - he just loves music.

Same goes for playing with Rick Walker and Michael Manring on the Solo Bass
Looping tour last year - we went all over the shop, some of it was sublime,
some was rather silly, some funny, some scary, but almost all ideas were
followed to their conclusions, or subverted in some cool way. The tension
between our different approaches to music was open and creative not 
and limiting...

So if you want to grow a mullet, put on white baseball boots and a Megadeth
T-shirt and shred to your hearts content, or alternatively play pan-pipe
sounds on a Korg M1 over loops of sea noises, great, go ahead. I may not
choose to listen to it, but I'll defend your right to do it and have fun...

...And if you come and see me on my California tour, I promise lots of
tunes, some funkiness, a few different keys, lots of mellowness, hopefully
something that will make you laugh, maybe a little strangeness and that it
won't be too loud and the drummer won't try and hit on you or your wife
('cos there won't be one)

www.steve-lawson.co.uk - updated gig details for CA and France here...