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Re: Balanced / unbalanced connections

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From: Stephen <dakshah@yahoo.com>

>Off Topic - Balanced / unbalanced connections
>Are there any issues with using a TRS (balanced) cable
>to connect an unbalanced out e.g. repeater, EDP
>(<--token looper content) to a balanced in, say, a

Plugging a TRS plug into a TS output jack could put ground on the ring of 
cable.  The output doesn't care and neither does the patchbay.  But the 
that ultimately receives it might care if it expects a balanced signal.  
might notice volume loss, treble loss, increased hum, or combinations 

>How about using a TRS cable to connect an unbalanced
>out to an unbalanced in?

My Behringer mixer is designed to do this as some outputs on some Mackies, 
But not all balanced outs are designed that way.  Consult your gear's 


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