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Re: Balanced / unbalanced connections

Is it better to use a TS cable for these types of situations?


Dennis Leas wrote:
> > Are there any issues with using a TRS (balanced) cable
> > to connect an unbalanced out e.g. repeater, EDP
> > (<--token looper content) to a balanced in, say, a
> > patchbay?
> Usually this is not a problem; if you do not have noise issues.
> However, you have to be careful with how your connectors are wired.  If 
> use TRS (i.e., stereo) phone plugs on each end wired one-to-one with the
> cable, you will probably have problems.  The unbalanced end, say an EDP
> (<--token looper content), probably will not place a signal on the ring.
> But the balanced end (whatever is connected to the patchbay) expects a
> signal on *both* the tip and ring.  Result, higher noise floor, greater
> crosstalk, etc.
> So the balanced cable itself is rarely a problem.  It's more how the
> connectors are wired.
> > How about using a TRS cable to connect an unbalanced
> > out to an unbalanced in?
> Even less of a problem.
> Some good info is at:
> http://homepages.enterprise.net/paul0blitz/techtip/art6.htm
> and in the "Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook" (ISBN: 0881889008 ).
> Hope this helps.
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com