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Re: patching/effects loop query

The same Alembic PreAmp that David Gilmour uses? ;-)

So you NEED a SwitchBlade: allkinds of connections are possible with 
it, at the best audio quality you can immagine.
Otherwise, for a "static" setup, a line mixers could be ok too, but i 
still recommend a SwitchBlade. You have some great pieces of gear, so 
let's use all its potential!



>hi.  sorry if this is just a tad off-topic...please pardon...
>i'm just about to finish my new rack system and i need a few suggestions 
>patching.  as of right now, my setup is as follows:
>pre --> eq --> edp --> sherman filterbank --> eventide --> poweramp
>and i'm having to turn the preamp down and the edp input way down to keep
>from clipping within the edp.  there's no dedicated effects loop with the
>preamp (older alembic f2-b), so i need some suggestions.  i'll be 
>grabbing a
>s.s. switchblade 8b to use as a matrix but should i get some sort of 
>loop piece to eliminate my current linear setup?  as of right now, my
>poweramp is the only source of volume change that i can use without 
>something somewhere and i'd like total control from the preamp.
>any suggestions are very much appreciated.
>thanks in advance.