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Re: [loop NY] 2/23 on: loop NY open loop shows at Chama

Pedro penned:
>i'm starting to like you more and haven't even met you. looking forward to
>hearing you on Sat. I had the chance to stop by Chama yesterday and met
>Steve (the co-proprietor) and later Tom R., very genuine folks.
>I'm excited to hear and make some music in such a setting. I hope to be
>there around 2 or so, just to get a chance to hear as much as possible and
>am going to keep myself limited to the 5 rack space I use to house my 
>and such, a few foot and other controllers and a slightly modded Berger,
>i'll have a Bond ElectraGlide nearby in case I feel like going weird
>I've invited a few folks I know from that part of LES so I hope to see 
>old friends and make a few new ones.
>best, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002

Well, this WILL be fun!  5 rack spaces, huh?  Well, we'll figure out
where to put it...  there's always somewhere... we're also going
to clear out from under the stage so that there is a place to
put cases and things!



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