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Re: A Post Loopsatock Debriefing (One Perspective)

At 1:27 PM -0500 3/5/02, KILLINFO@aol.com wrote:

>Well, I know what you mean about "hawking." But selling a few of
>my own made the whole trip a lot more reasonable of a proposition
>to my better half.

It helps to have someone along (such as said "better half") to handle 
the merchandise.

I was expecting that there'd be a table set up with everyone's CDs on 
display and available for purchase. That might be a good thing for 
future events. It saves the potential mild embarrassment of having to 
switch between being an artiste and a huckster (not that there's 
anything wrong with saying, "By the way I have CDs for sale" - just 
that I felt uncomfortable so I didn't do it).

>Anyway, if you'd let me know what is available -- and where -- I 
>just might buy a few.

Alias Zone "Lucid Dreams" from CDnow.com ($17.49), Amazon ($15.99), 
or from me ($15.00).

Robert Black's "State of the Bass" from CDeMUSIC.org ($16.00) - it 
has two collaborative pieces by Robert and me, plus a bunch of other 
interesting work including a loopy piece by Paul Dresher.

Zvonar/Black "The Banff Sessions" from me ($12.00) contains those 
same two pieces plus three others, on CDR.

Zvonar "3 for 5" from me ($12.00) - a piece in three movements for 
solo percussion and tape, on CDR.

Klang "B-108" from me ($12.00) - five songs by an avant-punk band 
that also included composers Paul Dresher, Brenda Hutchinson, Mark 
Lockett, on CDR.

Ill Wind "Flashes" from various vendors - a reissue of the 1968 album 
on the Italian label Akarma. So far the band doesn't get any 
royalties from this "grey" reissue, but I'll be happy to copy it to 
CDR (a boot of a boot).

There's also a self-titled Diamanda Galas LP on Metalanguage (out of 
print) that has some of my work as collaborator. "Panoptikon" in 
particular has some hevay metal voice loops.

>I have a certain background in "electronic music" from a decade or 2 
>ag...I used to be in SEAMUS back in Los Angeles (I was once 
>president of the LA chapter)

I was a charter member of SEAMUS. I was at the first organizational 
meeting at CalArts in 1984 
<http://seamus.lsu.edu/aboutSEAMUS/history.html>. I dropped out after 
a couple of years but rejoined recently.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202