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BASS LOOPERS to know about

Hi Evan,
Regarding your post to Max Valentino (my dear friend) about Bass Looping,

 I produced the first Bass Looping Tour last year with Max, Steve Lawson,
Michael Manring and myself.
Although a bassist, I am better known as a drummer/percussionist/found
object/invented object looper).

I just thought that if you are interested in bass loopers that you also
should check into these people:

SCOTT KUNGHA DRENGSEN (in Berkeley with a fine solo bass looping CD out)

STEVE LAWSON (wonderful and very active bass looper from london with his 
website and CD out)

TOM HEASLEY ( who did a beautiful and eerie set of Tuba----yes,
Tuba---looping at Loopstock and also has a beautiful
dark ambient CD out currently).

CAMERON J. STREET ( a bass looper out of Australia with a beautiful
textural, ambient  CD out).

MICHAEL MANRING (although more of a solo bassist than a looper per se,
Michael is just the bomb-----and he does use
looping in his live shows---------some day we may have the time and 
to release some of the solo live tracks from our trio/bass looping
performances with Steve Lawson).

TREY DONOVAN (a stick playing/bassist from Oakland, who, although new to
looping , is incredibly creative and did a beautiful set at the first Bass
Looping Festival after having only owned a looper for two weeks----he
doesn't have a CD out yet, but I think there is one in the works.  He is
also the only looper I know, so far who is using an Upright Acoustic Bass 

MAX VALENTINO (who you already know of, but just released his first solo CD
that is very cool and inventive)

One of these days, I have plans to put out at least an EP  mini CD of solo
bass work, myself.   I have the least chops of any of these fine bassists
but I play the bass as if I were some Shamanic Papua New Guinea musician
an electric bass guitar with a hell of a lot of processing effects for the
very first time:  minimalistic , but, hopefully, creative and interesting.

Did I leave anybody out?   If so, it is only because my brain is addled by
trying to kick start two PC based computer systems that have tanked in my
home...............Many apologies if I did and please send in the info 

I believe if you check the archives of Loopers Delight that you can find
contact info for all of these artists.

I will also be producing the second annual Bass Looping Tour sometime later
in this year in Northern California.
Watch for it................and send me some of your material for possible
inclusion or, at the very least, to be able to play between acts at the
festival.    Last year, I did an entire piece in Berkeley using a cut off 
Cameron Street's cd as
an ambient backdrop just so that he could say that he participated from as
far away as Australia.

Yours, in the subsonic sphere of the the looping world,

Rick Walker (aka, Loop.pooL)