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BASS LOOPERS to know about -> Fred Marshall

At 06:18 AM 3/6/2002, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>...... is
>also the only looper I know, so far who is using an Upright Acoustic Bass 
>Did I leave anybody out?   

Rick, it was before your time on the Looper's Delight scene, but one of 
our more colorful and amazing personalities of the past was Fred Marshall. 
You've all heard Fred's playing, as he was playing upright bass with Vince 
Guaraldi at the time all of the music for the Peanuts tv shows was 
recorded. And yes, if you have the bass line from "Linus and Lucy" in your 
head right now, that was Fred. Fred was a LD list member around '97-98.

It hasn't been mentioned here yet, but Fred passed away a few months ago.  
Or as he would have said, he left his temporary meat suit behind and moved 

Fred was heavy in the SF jazz scene of the late 50's and 60's, playing 
with everybody from Etta Jones to Howard Roberts to Dexter Gordon to Wes 
Montgomery to Mose Allison, Joe Henderson, Pharoah Sanders and probably 
hundreds more. He was always fascinated with pushing boundaries of music, 
and with new inventions related to music and instruments, and was a 
constant tinkerer himself. Fred was also simply a wonderful person, filled 
with wisdom and a great energy for life.

I first met him at Zeta Music where he was helping to design their upright 
electric bass. Fred had worked with tape loops in the past and was 
immediately fascinated with the loopy gear we were working on with 
Matthias at G-WIZ. He promptly borrowed a Paradis LoopDelay, and later he 
borrowed an EDP prototype. (I never asked for them back, they seemed to be 
in better hands with Fred.)  Throughout the nineties he could be heard 
looping upright bass in the SF bay area with the incendiary jazz combo 
Marshall Arts. It was great to see loops put into a jazz context like 
that, and so confidently and well that it seemed natural for jazz to have 

Fred made some great posts while he was with us, some of my favorites 
ever. I enjoy re-reading them sometimes, maybe you will too:




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