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Re: BASS LOOPERS to know about -> Fred Marshall

>At 06:18 AM 3/6/2002, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>>...... is
>>also the only looper I know, so far who is using an Upright Acoustic 
>Bass to
>>Did I leave anybody out?  
>Rick, it was before your time on the Looper's Delight scene, but one 
>of our more colorful and amazing personalities of the past was Fred 
>Marshall. You've all heard Fred's playing, as he was playing upright 
>bass with Vince Guaraldi at the time all of the music for the 
>Peanuts tv shows was recorded. And yes, if you have the bass line 
>from "Linus and Lucy" in your head right now, that was Fred. Fred 
>was a LD list member around '97-98.
I'm so sorry to hear of Fred's passing, I remember his contributions 
to LD well. It sounds like he was a musician that continued to push 
the boundaries throughout his life, a great role model for us all.
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