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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

Yea, and they stole the BASSLINE (for whitelines) from a tune by NY Art 
band, Liquid Liquid !!!

BTW, I mentioned earlier, I got my tix to see the David Sancious trio with
Doug & Will (2/23 at The Bottom Line). The opening band is The Mahavishnu
Project, has any body heard them? (Has anybody heard the Sancious trio for
that matter) I've been a huge Sancious fan since his first solo album
"Forest of Feeling" from the mid 70's, which was produced by Cobham. I got
to see him live a few times around 76, when he was playing Keys (& guitar)
for Stanley on the School Days tour. He absolutely  blew me away! Of course
I saw him numerous times (on TV & Video) 10 or so years ago when he was 
Sting for a number of years. We even used to cover a few TONE tunes in my
Fusion band from 20 yrs ago (FX).

>From what I read of the Mahavishnu Project, they cover the entire albums
Inner Mounting Flame & Birds of Fire. SHould be interesting (I think)
Bill Cummings

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> Yes, Doug Wimbish WAS the bassist on all the Sugarhill stuff ("White
> etc.)In fact all of Tackhead was the house rhythm section for
> Sugarhill...they broke off to do their thing with Mr. Sherwood on board.
> BTW...last year, maybe the year before, Wimbish, Will Calhoun, and Vinx
> togther a project called "Jungle Funk". Now disbanded, they put out only
> CD, a live recording from europe.  All three used loops extensively
> with a JamMan and 2290; Calhoun with 3 JamMAns, and Vinx with two) all
> sync'd.  Really amazing work; vox, percussion and bass...all looping very
> seamlessly.  A very cool and worthwhilew looping disc.
> Max
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