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Re: "music-talk"

Michael K.,

In a message dated 3/13/02 4:05:37 PM, Nemoguitt@aol.com writes:

>when the "who" did this i cried because i just knew if i had something 
>than a STELLA the universe would be a better place.....ted, i gots to 
>to your cd a few more times before i say more than "if you dont play 
>you will blow up!".....

Before every lover of vintage instruments on the list starts thinking
I'm some horrible, monstrous idiot. I must say that I am not quite the 
anarchist I once was. I could not bring myself do that sort of thing now.

It was sort of a "self-test" of my own commitment to doing what 
I do . . . that made me do it originally. To destroy an instrument and 
deliberately drive away a good part of a paying audience is something 
I see as pretty stoopid now. 

Actually I wish that I still had that old Martin. It's not an act that I 
would recommend to anybody now. It was just a funny story that 
the pervious writer's "Honey I Wrecked the Stradivarius Water 
Skiing" reminded me of.