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Re: "music-talk"

Yo Michael K,

> ted, i gots to listen to your cd a few
> more times before i say more than "if you dont play guitar, 
> you will blow up!".....andre, pay heed!

I have indeed paid much heed to Ted Killian's CD, and enjoyed every
minute of the payment!  If we can hear more music from Mr. Killian, and
keep him from spontaneously combusting at the same time, then that suits
me fine.

> this might be pre-mature but andre, 
> i like your solo and duet music more than the produced cd, it
> was more accessable to me as a solo player and it seemed "freer", 
> ALTHOUGH  "disruption theory" is some "bad-assed loopin" and 
> "wild lovely tones",  many more listens to ensue!.....

I definitely understand where you're coming from.  And I would certainly
imagine that the EDP solos and duets (which were all improvised, most of
them freely so) would come across as more "free" than the produced CD,
which was very deliberate and methodical in its construction.  

By the same token, though, a lot of the material on Disruption Theory
was very much improvised intitially, in the same manner as the more
recent material; the main difference is that the produced stuff was then
re-examined, edited, and re-contextualized after the fact, unlike the
December solos and (most of) the duets stuff.

But I'm delighted you've been giving the material some time, and that
it's been grabbing your ear; thanks very much for that!

Take care,

--Andre LaFosse