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Re: Places that accept donated gear

i don't know if you are into the fix up old units, but
i have an ART BCC floorboard, and expression/volume
pedal to go with that unit, and a morley fuzz wah that
all have something wrong with them...as i am moving
this weekend, they will be thrown out within a few
days unless you want them...

let me know off list...at evanmeyers@yahoo.com

--- Butch <paulrichard10@attbi.com> wrote:
> If anyone has any gear they don't want anymore, let
> me know what the gear is and I'll take it off your
> hands. Especially would like old synthesizers,
> effects pedals, guitars, et al.
> Just kidding. It's almost April 1st.
> But, if anyone would like an Atari 1040 STE
> w/whopping 40MB hard drive & color monitor, let me
> know. Ahhhh. My old Cubase platform. I just pitched
> the Laser printer used with it. It was hard seeing
> it sit there out in the snow.
> Regards, Paul

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