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3/30: open loop open loop open loop open loop

open loop continues into its second loop, er, month
of continuous looping continuity.

(many thanks to all the performers and audience members!)

    open loop is live electronic looping of live
    and electronic instruments.

    open loop is every Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 7pm
    at Chama, 332 east 4th street, between c & d,
    New York City.  http://loopNY.com

This week, we have some timeslots pre-arranged
for performers, but we loop continuously (did I
mention that?) all afternoon.

1pm:  Tobi Joi
2pm:  Tom Ritchford
3pm:  Stv Jns
5pm:  David Beardsley

Tobi Joi is a Swiss multi-instrumentalist and looper
with a ragged edge and some silliness.  This week,
he's featuring his home-made Alp-horn passed
through an Echoplex Digital Pro.

Tom Ritchford is me and you all know too much
about me.

Stv Jns is the guiding light and spirit behind
Chama and Gargoyle Mechanique and will loop
and reverse and distort his voice and guitar
and perhaps various other gizmos.

David Beardsley is the notorious microtonalist,
soon to play with fabled Robert Rich at the
Knitting Factory.  He's premiering a new piece,
Raga TNK.

See you there!


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