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Re: Introduction

Welcome, Greg.  

There are many on the list who have been looping longer than I've done
*anything*, and I think the consensus would be that you'll always be in
the experimentation mode.  That's one of the many beatiful things about
this particular intersection of us and our technology.

Once again, welcome.


>>> ghunicycle@yahoo.com 03/28/02 02:56PM >>>
I thought I'd toss forth a quick introduction before I
start posting here. 

I'm Greg House and I live in Wichita, Kansas USA. I've
been lurking (reading the archives) for several
months. I've enjoyed reading the discussion and would
like to start interacting as well.

My main instrument is guitar and I loop using a
Repeater with various other efx devices. Although I've
had the Repeater since December, I still consider
myself a neophyte with looping and I'm still very much
in experimentation/acquisition mode with my looping


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