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Re: Introduction

--- KEVIN SIMONSON <RITX075@revenue.state.il.us>

> There are many on the list who have been looping
> longer than I've done
> *anything*, and I think the consensus would be that
> you'll always be in
> the experimentation mode.  That's one of the many
> beatiful things about
> this particular intersection of us and our
> technology.

Oh yeah, I understand. I've been an electric guitar
player for over 20 years and "toy syndrome" rarely
subsides for long. I'd just like it to settle down
enough that I'd stop being distracted with "what's
hooked up where" and be able to make some music.

One thing I have discovered though. I also do
recording and GTS (Guitar Toy Syndrome) is definitely
less expensive then RTS (Recording Toy Syndrome). So,
if you can avoid getting sucked into that abyss, let
someone else waste their money on nice consoles, mics
and processing.

Thanks for all the kind welcomes!


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