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RE: Effects units

Hi Italo,

Thanks for the info.  You just pushed me over the edge and today I put
my order in for one (and a new Akai Z8).  I am really looking forward to
using this processor to bring my sound capabilities up to a new level.


> Hi Steve
> Eclipse is the only 1 space rack unit on the market today working 
> 24bit/96KHz. It has a full array of analog/digital 
> spdif-aesebu-optical- adat inputs/outputs. The unit has a 
> collection of about 90 algorithms, 
> with more to come on next OS releases and CF card libraries. 
> Eclipse is 
> a dual engine unit that can run 2 algorithms at the same time. It's 
> about 5/6 times more powerful than the legendary industry standard 
> H3000. It features 40 seconds delay, hi-quality verbs, granular 
> plexverbs, reverse delays, up to 8 voice Eventide pitch 
> shifting, crazy 
> preamps, multiband distortion, polyfuzzes, ring modulators, 
> multi voice 
> chorus/flanger/delays/shifters, multiband delays, phaser, parametric 
> eqs, comb delays, resonators, oscillators, reverse shifters, looping 
> and much more... you can run the 2 engines in different routings. The 
> unit has a ModBlock that can be used to patch parameters to 
> modulators, 
> being midi controllers, tap tempo, Lfo, input dynamics, adsr, 
> envelope 
> follower, etc.
> You cannot edit Eclipse algorithms to level structure or build your 
> own: this is something you can only do on 
> DSP7000/7500/Orville monsters. Nevertheless 90 algorithms 
> that can be combined in pairs with full 
> editable parameters, make Eclipse the most open box in the "close 
> structure" boxes market. We just released a new operative 
> system, with 
> new features and more presets. User patches can be saved 
> internally or 
> on a CFC card. Patches can be sent/received over the 
> Internet. OS updates are downloadable from the Net...for 
> free. Get a chance to give Eclipse a careful 
> listening...you'll be surprised. Here are its manuals and 
> info literature: http://www.eventide.com/eclipse/eclipse.htm
> We have a support area/forum with many users, Eventide Helps, 
> at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eventidehelps/
> lots of info, tutorials, patches, mp3s!
> Join it...
> all the best
> Italo De Angelis
> > I have been thinking about getting an Eventide Eclipse which looks 
> > amazing, but I am wondering what anyones thoughts are about 
> whether or 
> > not it is worth it for the price?
> > 
> > I recently saw a TC Electronics M2000 for about $700 and 
> was wondering 
> > if maybe that might be comparable to the Eclipse and save 
> me some mone
> y
> > in the mean time?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Steve
> > 
> > 
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> Italo De Angelis
> Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division
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