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Turntablist Guitar (Part 1)

Dear list,

Here's some LoopIV sounds for you.

1) Funk meditation.

2) A bit of old skool hip hop.  Word.

3) Polyrhythmic Industrial by Hallmark.

4) Glitch-core gets some dancing shows.

5) A dark, heavy thing.  Dude.

6) Cruising in your space car.

Technical geek notes:

Everything's live, improvised, no edits (though #6 has a post-production
fade), no overdubs... but you knew that already.  Every sound came from
the guitar and/or EDP, and the only "effect" used was the spring reverb
in the amp I played through.

Every track uses a new quantization mode called 8th, which allows you to
quantize functions to the nearest 8th/beat subdivision.  And since the
EDP now automatically subdivides any loop by the value of 8th/beat (even
when not syncing to an outside source), there's a ton of fun to be had.

The value for the 8th/beat setting flashes in time, providing a visual
readout for the rhythmic subdivision of a rubato loop, which was awfully
helpful at the beginning of #5.

Pretty much every track used a new insert mode called Substitute.  It's
very similar to Replace, except that you don't hear the actual change in
the audio until the next repetition.  So it's quite subtle and sneaky.

Multiple loops, half-speed, reverse, and retrigger functions were all
triggered via MIDI; these are all available independently of the front
panel settings.  Some tracks (particularly #4 and 2) use these commands
in rapid succession for "scratching" effects.

Track 4 begins by engaging half-speed in the middle of overdubs, to
produce octave jumps in the middle of a single note.

Tracks 3 and 5 use an Interface Mode called Stutter Mode, and an
Insertmode called Sus, to extend the length of sections within a single
cycle.  It's sort of a granular manul timestretch thing.

Every year or so there's a thread on the list to the effect of, "Are
DJ's musicians?"  These tracks invert that question, and ask, "Can a
musician be a DJ?"

Hope ya dig.

--Andre LaFosse