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Re: live funk guitar loops

check out Redsound's micro sync. never used it, but it comes well
recommended by some.


repeater will do what you want as well I believe.
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From: "Si Butler" <jazzlists@burble.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 11:20 AM
Subject: RE: live funk guitar loops

> > > You can also sync the rhythm to a live
>  > > drummer, but the problem is, is that there is only one audio input
> - so
>  > > it is impossible to shield the drum sound from your own guitar
> loops.
>  > > However, there should be a possibility of finding a
>  > > cheap unit that will
>  > > listen to the bass drum sound, and convert it into a midi BPM...
> (any
>  > > ideas?)
>  >
>  >
>  > if you say Mac I say Pc if you say Repeater I say EDP (Echoplex
> Digital
>  > Pro)
>  >
> [simon said] this sounds pretty interesting. So if have a loop setup
> that I stop for some period of a tune this that when I turn it on again
> I can get it synch to the bass drum automatically right? Does anyone
> have an opinion as to whether this is best done with the Repeater or the
> Echoplex? Can anyone recommend the hardware that could generate the midi
> BPM from the bass drum as mentioned above?
> Thx in advance, -simon-