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Re: Looping is overrated :)

Since there are a load of folks from India all over the world (and
especially the US thanks to the Visa game!), it shouldn't be hard to find
someone to teach real Tablas to you, as well as send you in the direction 
a good set.

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> In a message dated 6/5/02 5:09:26 PM, jondrums@hotmail.com writes:
> << Now if I want to learn to play the tabla,
> I mean really learn to play the tabla;  would you tell me that its 
> to move to India?  That I can learn everything I need to know to make
> by staying right where I am and playing tabla at clubs along with guitar
> players, and conga drummers???? >>
> Depends.  If you want to carry on a tradition, then by all means go learn
> tabla playing at the source.  Personally I'd rather hear you play after
> noodled around for a few years on your own, under a variety of different
> influences and/or your very own inspiration. - Paul