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Re: Film music stuff

One nice place to post your wares and know that someone in film listens, is
FFCoppola's American Zoetrope at http://www.zoetrope.com - It's a
collaborative-review approach, where, once you've listened to and reviewed
2-4 pieces by others, you can post yours and get reviewed in the same way.

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> Hi guys,
> I'm not sure if this is the list to put m begging letter on, but there
> seems to be a lot of 'people in the know' with contacts on here:
> Basically, I'm searching for a film score commission. My music up to
> date has been very ambient/emotive and melancholic, and many people have
> written to me to say that it would be ideal for film music. I think that
> it is the direction that I would like to go with the project, and
> currently, I could really do with some sort of injection of cash other
> than what I make on the street....
> ...so the question is, do any of you know of a few places where I can
> approach people (preferably online - its more pragmatic) to pimp my
> services? Can anyone put in a good word for me?
> </beg>
> Thanks :)
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