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Re: OT: gig spam


For those who may be in the Vancouver, BC area, I'll be performing this 
Saturday night, June 15th. This is an underground event being held at The 
Arm (former home of an arm wrestling club) promoted by e-mail and 
word-of-mouth only. If interested, email me for address and details - 

Here's a bit of the blurb being circulated;

This Saturday, The Arm will be test starting a new night called "The
Purple Turtle Lounge" featuring the best in local Ambient music.  
For this event we will be bringing you live ambient performances by
Anomalous Disturbances and Echoe, plus visuals by Brain Surgery.

Hope you can come down... it will be a very good night for sure. 
Terry (Anomalous Disturbances) is very experienced at make amazing
soundscapes, and Russ (Echoe) is going to be pushing reason to
the limits. I'll have the visuals set up, and lots of sofa's out.

Entrance fee: $5 donation.

Doors open at: 10pm
Live Music starts at: 11pm

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