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Re: Lexi MPX1

who's blowing them out for that price? Also, have you checked out the
Lexicon MPXR1 MIDI Remote Controller? they look like they were made for 

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Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: OT: Drum machines vs. Human beings

> max valentino wrote:
> > One last thing.....I have also recently switched my processing around
> > favoring putting fx (which is now pretty much down to an M-One and
> > parametric eq) AFTER my looper; insuch processing the loops instead of
> > looping the fx.  Using timed delays, and detuned delays, this creates
> > very interesting polyrhytms whic can be "undone" by simply switching
back to
> > the original fx program (or to an different one).  Just curious about
> > many of you are setting up fx and loop mangling....
> > sorry about the length....
> > Max
> This is exactly what I've been doing with the Repeater and the Lexicon
> It's in the Repeater effects loop, usually set to be on the loop, instead
> the input.  This means what I play is dry, until it hits the first
iteration of
> the loop.  Very nice.  The MPX1 has an A/B button similar to the Vortex,
> I set the A to Mix=0% and the B=100%.  Then I set the rate of change to
"50" (I
> have no idea what this coorasponds to, but it gives a nice gradule change
> dry to wet and back again)
> One of my favorite patches is a factory preset that initates a looped
> based on midi clock.  When you hit the a/b button, it grabs a smaller
chunk of
> my Repeater loop.  Picking weird times to hit the button can give really
> intereseting results, and you can go back to your loop by hitting the a/b
> again.
> The MPX1 has been discontinued, so they're blowing them out for $425.  
> for a box that sold for $700
> Mark