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RE: percussion, pitch-shifting and fxs (re:pitch-shifting percussion in realtime)

Hi David,

I just found out that I couldn't use CCs simply because the MIDI channel
setup of the FCB was wrong...now I'm happily switching chord vamps and bass
licks to different root notes, and this without a single button tap on the


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> percussion in realtime)
> Hi!
> To control the pitch of the repeater you have to program to
> the controller to send midi notes. When you go to program
> mode, where you choose the different controller and program
> messages to send, 10/0 is the button to send midi notes. the
> table for the values is in the behringer manual (german
> manual page 14). Then when you activate the "pitch" mode for
> a channel in the repeater, you can change the pitch by
> sending note-on commands with the behringer (the same way as
> with a midi keyboard).
> Success,
> David
> :Apart from that, did you succeed in controlling pitch of the
> repeater with
> :he FCB1010? While I can happily use the expression pedals to
> pitchbend
> :around, somehow assigning controller values to the buttons
> and thus play the
> :shifter bass-pedal-style didn't work. Is there any limitation on the
> :Behringer I should be aware of (or any thing to keep in
> mind), or was I just
> :too stupid?