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Re: DL4 vs. Line6 Echo Pro

> The Echo Pro *DOES NOT SYNCH TO MIDI*  It can derive delay time from a
> clock, but it won't truly synch to midi.  If it did, I'd own one for 
As far as I know,
> only the EDP, Repeater, and JamMan will do this.

Yes, I thought this was an odd omission for the Echo Pro.  Sort of a
half-way MIDI impl.

BTW: For the record, the LCK/Kyma fully syncs to MIDI so count it among the
EDP, Repeater, and Jamman.  And since I'm talking about it, you can easily
change the DL4, Boomerang, etc, models to make them fully MIDI-able too, if
you've ever wondered what that would be like.

Dennis Leas