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Re: MIDI syncing (Was: DL4 vs. Line6 Echo Pro)

Dennis said:

>  > The Echo Pro *DOES NOT SYNCH TO MIDI*  It can derive delay time from a
>>  clock, but it won't truly synch to midi.  If it did, I'd own one for 
>As far as I know,
>>  only the EDP, Repeater, and JamMan will do this.
>Yes, I thought this was an odd omission for the Echo Pro.  Sort of a
>half-way MIDI impl.
>BTW: For the record, the LCK/Kyma fully syncs to MIDI so count it among 
>EDP, Repeater, and Jamman.


>And since I'm talking about it, you can easily
>change the DL4, Boomerang, etc, models to make them fully MIDI-able too, 
>you've ever wondered what that would be like.

thats a strong statement!
Do you say that you modelled all those units in KYMA?

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